Marlin for Addison

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  • I with the help of others are creating great media and organizing it for a great user interface  so that we can better  highlight Addison parks, art, events, organizations, restaurants, APD, AFD and so much more. You can see the beginnings of the video part of the media collection at the AddisonProud YouTube Channel

  • I'm helping to shape a much easier way for anyone to notify the town staff of issues. The past FixIT Addison app was a nice start but was not as user friendly as other comparable apps. At the start of 2020 we scraped the FixIT Addison app and kicked off the year with a new and improved app called Addison FixIT. The new app has a user interface with less clutter and allow users to quickly submit an issue to the relevant Town department. Also, I will continue to advocate for town staff to embrace this app by simply using it just as the town staff ask of our residents. Further this app is not limited to only residents. It's available for anyone (visitors, business community, etc.) who cares to submit an issue. The bottom line is it's never been easier to report an issue and get it resolved. 

  • I'm a huge advocate of Art in Addison. In support of this initiative I'm connecting stake holders throughout the community that want to contribute to this movement with artist and the Addison Arbor Foundation. These efforts are focused on sculptures. I'm also a fan of getting our youth ages 5 -18 engaged in the performing arts and love what I'm seeing from Greenhill School, Trinity Christian Academy, and Outcry Theatre


  • I'm helping to keep our community clean through organizing and picking up trash. The Keep our Community Clean Campaign officially kicked off on October 1, 2016. Unofficially the campaign kicked off more than a decade prior when B.L. Brady started picking up all the trash he could find on his morning walk to and from the Addison Athletic Club. Now the group has merged into the Adopt-A-Park program where we meet once a quarter to clean up various Addison parks. Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Stacy Love at 972.450.2874 or by if you would like to take part in this movement. I hope that you will join us as we keep our parks pristine and spread the message of a litter free Addison. 

  • I created the Addison spot logo water bottle prototype. The result can now be seen when attending or viewing any City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission, (P&Z) meetings. Sorry but no more Glacier brand, Great Value Brand, and or Dickey's Barbecue Pit cups at anymore of our City Council or P&Z meetings. We are now marketing our Addison brand even better than before.

  • Addison spot logo license plate stickers will be on the horizon. Many choose to have a university mascot sticker displayed on their license plate. I would like to proudly display the Addison spot logo on my license plate. Imagine the branding power of proud Addison residents driving all over the DFW Metroplex with an Addison spot logo sticker on their license plates.