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Marlin for Addison

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I’m an Addison resident since 1998 and proud to serve our Town.

I literally gave myself a new home at Townhomes of Addison on my birthday back in 1998. While I don’t recommend giving such expensive gifts to themselves, I must confess it worked out well for me. In the early years, most all my work was focused on my small business. But in 2008, I added community volunteer work as a priority when I was appointed to the Townhomes of Addison Board of Directors. At some point in 2014, my friend and longtime Addison resident, Chuck Thompson, and I became infatuated with building an incredible website for the Townhomes of Addison community.  In truth, Chuck did most of the "heavy lifting" building the site and I provided the messaging and photography. As the Townhomes of Addison website grew beyond our community borders into all things wonderful about living in Addison, we quickly started linking to various Town of Addison web pages for more comprehensive Addison information. We discovered the Town website was lacking content-rich media in certain areas. This led to the idea of capturing more media content that could further drive the public towards understanding and appreciating everything the community has to offer, and the next thing I knew, Chuck purchased a few drones and I started playing the role of amateur video director.

The videos that we created - and user interfaces to highlight the content - may end up being the best work of my life.  If so, we as a Town will have many people like Chuck Thompson, Scott Slocum, Tom Hanson, Thomas Mumey, Mary Rosenbleeth, and more to thank along the way.  I’ve worked on many good endeavors but the combination of rich media (i.e., video and pictures) with the user interface Chuck is developing is simply mind blowing. Once developed and implemented into the Addison website, it will transform the way we discover and learn more about our great town.

When you get to know me better, I hope you will discover that I’m an extremely hard worker, have high energy, unselfish, and with a can-do attitude. I think having my own one-man business for so many years shaped my mind to never quit or sidestep problems. I think this trait serves me well today with the task of helping to shape an even better Addison. 

Please click on the LinkedIn icon below if you would like to learn more about my business career and the skills I developed.

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