• Growth: High-quality development/redevelopment will continue popping up all over Addison.

Office Space: Most of Fourteen5 has been completed and leased. As the last remaining commercial land gets fully developed and occupied along the Dallas North Tollway, we will see the next set of major commercial development occur around the future Addison rail station.


Hospitality: Hotels in Addison are great and will get better. The more competitive properties will cause the few that are underperforming out of business, making way for re-development of prime real estate into competitive businesses that are equipped to thrive.


Retail: Addison will have three amazing retail/entertainment gathering areas. Village on the Parkway will   continue to shine with added development like Public School 972, making it an even greater hot spot than it already is today. Vitruvian Park will not slow down with its eye-popping mammoth scale and elegance.  Addison Circle will gain three to four anchor restaurants in and around Beckert Park that will solidify the “The Circle” as a destination spot. In a short period of time, we will have three impressive retail/entertainment hot spots that will form a triangle with much of Addison in the middle. 


Airport: Addison Airport, (ADS) will gain a new Fixed Based Operator, (FBO) called Galaxy FBO. This new addition to ADS will spur even more economic growth in the form of lease revenue, fuel sales, ad valorem and sales tax. This new business to ADS will increase the aviation competition and cause even more flights to and from Addison. Once Galaxy FBO is in place the airport will have an occupancy rate of 99%. It's critical for continued growth at ADS to extend Taxiway Bravo. This taxiway will run north and south along the west side of the runway. Once completed it will pave the way for airport related growth on much of the west side of the airport. I'm a strong advocate of making the tough Taxiway Bravo expenditures now that will provide the next stage of ADS revenue later.

Public Transportation: The DART Cotton Belt Corridor is coming. Actually, half of it is already in place as the Fort Worth Transportation Authority has completed the TEX Rail line. The Silver Line projected for service at the start of 2023 will offer more access to our Addison Transit Center, Addison Conference & Theatre Centre, Addison Circle Park, and the new development that will be built around Addison Circle Park.

Residential: The future Addison Grove Redevelopment will provide a much-needed boost to many of the retailers on and around Belt Line Road. Also, don't be surprised if in the future the Town offers Addison residents a Demo/Rebuild Residential Incentive Program. Farmers Branch offers a program that grants residents and builders upfront cash and a 5-year tax rebate to demolish an old home and build a new home. I think what Farmers Branch is doing in this regard should be a model for Addison residential economic development going forward.  

  • Strategic Planning = Vision: Residents have been asking me what I'm going to do to better Addison. While this is somewhat of a fair question, the real question is what we as the leaders of Addison are going to do to better our Town. I'm a huge advocate of our current Special Projects Committees and will continue to advocate that we continue utilizing members of the community for future special projects. Working together we will leverage the brain power of the community to isolate the priorities and recommended processes to propel Addison to even greater heights for both now and well into the future. Below are just a few priorities that I would like to see solved by future Special Project Committees. 

    • Addison Area Schools: We have an unmatched array of premier private school choices all within a 15-minute drive, but we are not marketing this fact to parents as well as we should. This will change. We will also keep working to solve the puzzle as to improving our public-school choices, public-school ratings and helping our parents discover all of their best public-school options. Some of these public-school choices are not as obvious as one would think. We will need an Addison Area School Special Project Committee to guide us with creating an easy to navigate Addison Area Schools website with mapping to help Addison parents navigate the path to where their children will be educated. Once completed, Addison will shore up what I believe is our most glaring weakness. The result will be a giant ripple effect that will cause our single-family homes to be more in demand and our apartments to be more desirable. 

    • Marketing: Our Town of Addison website is well executed, but in the future, we have opportunities to enrich the content to create further value for residents and businesses. Our Parks & Recreation Department, working in harmony with Mary Rosenbleeth, Director of Marketing, will create enhanced web pages and a Visit Addison, TX app that will help all quickly learn and navigate through our extensive offering of parks, trails, art, monuments and many other points of interest in Addison.  Here is a great example of what can be built:  http://www.shetland-flyer.media/tours/shetland/shetland.html  

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